Web Marketing

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Web Marketing

Traditional advertisers would say to you: "Well, you have a nice product here! Lets spend thousands or even better millions of Euros/Pounds/Dollars/... to let people know its here."

OK! We do not completely disagree. Traditional advertising managed to produce results during the last decades and more or less made the world go round. Times go ahead, though, so we all have to adapt. Online marketing is the emerging tool of the days and it is the one which starts to produce credible results.

Market Research & Analysis

The first step is more or less the same as in traditional advertising and requires preliminary study of you company and services. Of course the entire business segment is also studied in order to understand how the competion is placed and projected in the online community.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engines (SE) cannot be payed or tricked (at least not for long) to display your site high in their normal result pages. Getting your website as high as possible, regardless your on line paid campaings, requires profound technical knowledge, web standards compliance and deep understanding of how the SE work.

It is interesting to know that Google's pagerank algorithm has well over 100 variables in order to evaluate and rank your page. Some say those variables are closer to 140 to 160... How many pages link-in your page, how much content does your site offer, how often do you update your pages, how many languages does your site support, the quality of metatags, keywords, desciptions, alt & title tags, how much traffic you get, sitemaps, your domain name just to name a few!

It's easy to understand that only a combination of skill, knowledge and art will get you high up in the rankings. Don't forget though that "Content is the KING".

PPC - Pay Per Click Campaings

After having finished with the research and SEO it is time to get our hands dirty and design / implement your online campaign. Depending on the nature your business, the targeted audience and the expected results we setup and run multiple campaigns with maximum penetration in mind.

Landing Page & Analysis & Optimization

It is virtually impossible to get the optimum results with the first try. Further analysis and optimization are needed in order to maximize profits and ROI. Finetuning actions take place on the landing pages, (pause-alter-restart-stop etc), until the desired results are obtained.

We are able to offer you a wide range of of web marketing related services which include - but are not limited - to the following:

  • Web Consulting
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Web SEO
  • Web Promotion, PPC Web Campaigns & Web Advertisement
  • Traffic Data Analysis
  • Landing Page Marketing
  • Web ROI
  • Web Micro-sites
  • E-mail Marketing / Newsletters
  • Banner Campaigns