Web Design, Web Development, HTML, CSS, Logo, Corporate ID is a commercial firm based in Athens. Its purpose is to facilitate, support and deploy the exportation of organic goods produced in Greece. To that end Greekbio serve as trade agents, quality assurance service providers, and exports operations managers for foreign customers who wish to import organic products to their home markets.

Greece is an excellent place to produce organic goods. Beginning from the long tradition of producing a number of goods through natural processes, the fact that the country has a low industrial profile, no use of nuclear energy, and mostly small scale farming, makes it an ideal environment to produce high quality and taste organic food. The range of products includes among others organic olive oil and olives, wine but also beer, feta cheese, a number of diary products, pasta, fresh fruit, honey, sesame bars, as well as prepared gourmet delicacies based on Greek cooking known all around the world.