Antikythera Municipality

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The Community of Antikythera demographically is one of the smallest in the Greek territory as the permanent residents are only 45 and the active municipal roll isn't more than 200 individuals. The Community constitutes the independent primary Organism of Local Self-government located in the settlement "Potamos" of Antikythera island. It is administrated by a nine-strong elected Community Council.

Antikythera belongs administratively to the Prefecture of Piraeus. The residents of the island are 45, but on summertime there are more than 500. The extent of the island is roughly 22 square kilometres. On the island there are enough small settlements while most residents live in the village of Potamos, which is also the port of island. During the last years, the Community of Antikythera has inverted the image of island with many infrastructure works that has materialised. On the island two cafe – groceries function, there is a medical statios and a police station, while lastly a new ultramodern heliport has functioned. In Potamos you can find a card phone, the island is connected sufficiently by all the networks of mobile telephony. The island has a good road network.