Social Axon

Web Design, Web Development, HTML, CSS, Logo, Corporate ID, Printed Material, Blog, Newsletter operates as Non for profit Governmental Organisation (NGO) under the articles 10 [ep]. Law 2731/99. The seat of the company is found in Athens. Its aim is the redefinition of the existing model of local growth, in a model of sustainable growth based on the promotion of social economy and business dexterity.

The orientation of the 3rd sector in activities that are related to culture, the environment, mild rural production, tourism and more generally the sustainable growth, can contribute decisively on one side to the creation of a complete model of aid of employment and business dexterity, on the other hand to the promotion of the social economy in local and regional level. is active in the first instance in the following sectors:

  1. The promotion and growth of the social economy and the third sector of the economy more generally.
  2. The active support of social business dexterity, and social enterprises more generally.
  3. The organisation of actions of corporate social responsibility.
  4. The support of co-operative enterprises and organisms.
  5. The support and creation of urban cooperatives.
  6. The organisation and guarantee of conditions of social financing.
  7. The networking of institutions of the social economy.
  8. The guarantee of quality of operations of institutions of the social economy.

In the frame of project implementation and research programs, it experiments with new ways of promoting employment and professional activation of the more vulnerable groups of population, aiming at the intensification of the productive web of local societies. Simultaneously, it develops methods and tools that aim in the aid and intensification of the Social Economy sector in Greece and all 27 EU countries so that it can contribute substantially in the fighting of discriminations and inequalities in the job market.